Logan Henson


Logan was first drawn to the development field when accidentally taking a Computer Science class instead of a BCIS class in High School. Ever since then, he has been continuously striving toward excellence in the field and efficacy in his roles.

After a college stint for a degree in CS and a Math minor, he went on to try to raise the bar for East Texas development, both professionally and as a service to the community. He has helped many teams and individual developers connect and grow together through meetups and non-profit efforts.

When he isn’t knee-deep in development or community work, he can be found wrapped around his daughter's finger or cycling around the city.

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Building a Great Pull Request
I love pair-programming with other developers, in part because I always end up learning new ways to improve how I work. One aspect of my workflow that has benefitted from pairing is writing pull requests (or "PRs"). A clear, well-built PR is...
Calculating distance using MySQL
On a client project recently, we had to make it easy to filter database query results based on the distance between a user and an entity in our database. It's easy to get overwhelmed in that context, worrying about the crazy amount of PHP calculations...

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