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What are your users really hiring your product to do? What is the purpose of your website, anyways? We'll ask you these and other annoying but essential questions, and then we'll help you answer them, to make sure every part of your product contributes to a concrete goal.

UX Design

From the humblest web form to the most mission-critical application, everything we touch receives the same painstaking attention to detail. We are tireless advocates for the end-user, driven to imbue every interaction with a keen and nuanced sense of the human.


There's a specific set of technologies and tools that best harness the opportunity inherent in any project. Since these tools are fast-evolving, constant learning and open sharing with the development community are essential to how we work, and a big part of what we love about it.

How We Work

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Project Partner

Are you looking for a seasoned group of developers to build a website, mobile app, or API? Maybe you need a reliable partner for a particular discipline, like frontend development or CMS implementation. We partner with agencies, designers, and consultants to help bring projects to life.

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Embedded Team

You've got an amazing product idea and you've got some funding. Now all you need is a development team. But building one from scratch is daunting and expensive. The better move: Let Tighten be your dev team. We'll build your product, help you take it to market, and help you iterate as things change.

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What We Do

Areas of Expertise

We are proudly situated in the world of PHP and open-source software. Here are some of the areas where we operate best:


  • Custom websites and web applications
  • iOS applications
  • Enterprise mobile solutions
  • Custom CMS deployments
  • Responsive retrofits


  • Laravel framework
  • Responsive design
  • Craft CMS + Statamic
  • Bootstrap + Foundation
  • Angular.js, Vue.js, + ReactJS


  • Technical architecture
  • UX consulting
  • REST API Development
  • Content strategy
  • Development team mentoring

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