Keith Damiani

Senior Developer

Keith spent his youth being amazed that he could make a computer do what he wanted it to do. Later, he studied public policy at Stanford University and urban design at the University of Virginia, ran a graphic design agency for a couple of decades, and helped raise three kids.

Today, he spends his days being amazed that he can make a computer do what he wants it to do. When he's not coding or flipping tables, Keith likes to ski, build houses, hang out in Italy, sleep occasionally, and enjoy a good martini.

Supercharged Static Sites: Introducing Jigsaw Collections
Last year, Tighten introduced Jigsaw, a simple but powerful static site generator based on Laravel's Blade templating engine, created by Tighten Alum Adam Wathan. We use Jigsaw to power our own site, and...
A Better dd() for Your TDD
An important part of every Laravel developer's debugging arsenal is the humble dd() helper function—"dump and die"—to output the contents of a variable and terminate execution of...
Searchable Documentation (for Free!) with Jigsaw and Algolia DocSearch
Good online documentation is one of those things that can be critical to the success of a software project, yet which is always a bit of a pain to build and maintain. Project maintainers, fear not: building and hosting a documentation site just got a...
Craft CMS: Building Complex Queries by Extending the ElementCriteriaModel
One of the great things about Craft, from a developer's point of view, is the amount of flexibility it provides when it comes to working with your site's data, giving you the power to accomplish things that would be...

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