Caleb Porzio


Caleb spent his childhood falling off skateboards, and using his teeth as wire-cutters. He learned to program during math class on a TI-83 and hasn’t looked back.

Instead of finishing college, he coded for people, and shot a bunch of wedding videos. This made him happy.

When not digging into code, you might find him obsessing over financial independence, camping, teaching people stuff, or belting out a tune on the guitar.

Testing Laravel framework contributions in a local Laravel install
Imagine this scenario: You want to contribute to the Laravel framework, whether it be an idea for a new Collection method, a string helper, or even just a small spelling fix. Naturally, you fork Laravel, pull down a local copy, and make the change you...
Laravel Tip: Bootable Model Traits
TL;DR Use bootNameOfTrait() instead of boot() in a model trait to avoid being overwritten by the base model’s boot() method. Adding behavior through a boot method Let’s say you have a...
Supercharge Your Laravel Tinker Workflow
Laravel's command line tool is called "Artisan," and it comes with a few powerful features out of the box. Tinker, accessed via php artisan tinker, is arguably my favorite Artisan command. It speeds up my workflow and allows me...
The Magic of Laravel Macros
Ever wanted a piece of functionality in a part of Laravel that doesn’t exist? Let me introduce you to Laravel macros. Macros allow you to add on custom functionality to internal Laravel components. Let’s start with a simple example on the...
Q&A With The Speakers from Laracon Online 2017
Wednesday was the inaugural Laracon Online, an online conference devoted to bringing great Laravel teaching to folks who may not be able to attend an in-person conference. Tighten co-founder Matt Stauffer spoke on...
On Being New to Tighten
Today, you get to meet two newish members of the team at Tighten: Caleb, Developer; and Marje, Operations and Content Manager. They’ll be sharing thoughts on these things: What made you apply? What met your...

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