Opting Out: A Simple Solution for Conditionally Cancelling Laravel Notifications
The average Laravel app sends between a few and a few dozen notifications to users, but what happens when they want to opt out? With legal regulations like GDPR, it's more important than ever to give users control over the emails they receive.
Stimulus 101: Building a Modal
Web developers have been adding interactivity to our web sites since JavaScript was introduced in 1995. For much of the last 20+ years, jQuery was the tool to use to add that interactivity. jQuery is simple, and provides a standard API to...
Tidying Up Your PHPUnit Tests with Class-Based Model Factories
As you begin writing automated tests, one of the first questions you will find yourself asking is, "How do I make it clear what this test is accomplishing?" It's important for tests to have a natural and logical flow that any future developer can...

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