A Cautionary Tale of Nondeterministic Laravel Pagination
TL;DR: There's a very common pagination setup that may end up with users never seeing some of their results because of how SQL handles sorts by columns other than the index. I'll show why and how to fix...
Lambo: Quick New Application Creation with Laravel and Valet
Imagine, if you will, a web developer who, for some reason, wants to spin up a Laravel app to develop in as quickly as humanly possible. Maybe this developer wants to write a blog post about a new feature in Laravel, or wants a quick test...
Simple SSL Verification Using Laravel & Environment Variables
In my previous post, I detailed an nginx config structure for providing white label domain services in your application under SSL. When you run a...
Serving Multiple SSL-Encrypted Domains from One Application in Nginx
It's a common pattern for web applications to want to provide each user a unique subsection of the site. It might be a single user information page, or it may be an entirely separate application (think something like Harvest or Slack). The two...
Writing Custom Slack Slash Commands: Basic GIF Search
Background Once upon a time, Tighten—an entirely distributed team—did all of our chatting in Campfire. Like many Campfire-enabled teams, we had a HUBOT that we used for primarily silly purposes....

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