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Dan Sheetz

Partner + Managing Director

Dan is a seasoned designer, developer, and entrepreneur. He first learned to program as a wide-eyed child on a VIC-20 attached to his grandfather’s TV in the early 80s. While pursuing an English degree at the University of Iowa, he was drawn to the web as a venue for non-linear narrative forms, multimedia, and digital art. His early experience in programming steered him toward the technical side of the web, and he spent the better part of the 20-oughts working as a developer, while continuing to gain valuable experience in UX design and business strategy.

In a career spanning more than twenty years, he has built websites and digital products for big companies, startups, non-profit organizations, and activists. An entrepreneur at heart, Dan heads up business development, operations, and strategy at Tighten.

When he’s not at work you’ll find him opining over possible futures, poring over baseball statistics, or at a poker table someplace.

Matt Stauffer

Partner + Technical Director

Matt is an accomplished developer, teacher, writer, and communicator. Since the late 90s, Matt has been thinking deeply about coding practices, while continuously refining his craft. He combines an aptitude for big-picture thinking with serious development chops, honed in his professional practice and through his continuous onslaught of side projects.

In recent years, Matt has become deeply involved in the Laravel community, and his blog at mattstauffer.co has become required reading for Laravel developers and responsive designers alike. Matt is a regular speaker at Laracon, and has written a book entitled Laravel: Up and Running, published by O’Reilly Media in 2016.

As technical director, Matt provides leadership on every client project, directs and mentors our growing development team, and leads all of Tighten’s internal product development efforts. Matt is fiercely passionate about work and life, and he keeps Tighten and our clients on their toes at all times.

Our People

Ansell Chiu


Ansell spent his childhood in Singapore and Thailand; he then studied Computer Science and Urban Studies at Trinity University in San Antonio, TX.

Dallas, TX now serves as a home base for travel adventures and provides him many highways to evade assassins.

One might find him lounging in Dallas craft coffee shops and dreaming about urban sprawl repair and walkable neighborhoods.

budding foodie  🍣  🍜  🍔
volleyball amateur  ⚪️
wannabe techie  💻
city lover  🌆

Caleb Porzio


Caleb spent his childhood falling off skateboards, and using his teeth as wire-cutters. He learned to program during math class on a TI-83 and hasn’t looked back.

Instead of finishing college, he coded for people, and shot a bunch of wedding videos. This made him happy.

When not digging into code, you might find him obsessing over financial independence, camping, teaching people stuff, or belting out a tune on the guitar.

Chelsea Ashbrook

Content Strategist and Producer

Chelsea is originally from a small suburban town in Connecticut, and met former Tighten-ite Dave Hicking at UConn (Go Huskies!)

In 2015 Chelsea left the East Coast and drove to California. She is now a resident of San Diego and assimilating to the prevalent surf culture and worship of fish tacos.

She is an avid reader, runner, and lover of animals. Outside of work you may find Chelsea hanging out on the beach attempting to kidnap dogs.

Daniel Coulbourne


Daniel grew up in Tokyo, where he hit his head on many low doorframes.

He attended Covenant College, where he studied philosophy.

He was a freelance seafood-dude in New Orleans, where he learned to remove shrimp-juice from clothing.

He’s been a developer ever since and is super into Slack Bots at the time that he is writing this bio.

Also a big fan of Artisanal Baked Goods.

Jamison Valenta


custom interior lighting enthusiast
ultimate frisbee handler
off grid adventurer
itinerate traveler
big city bicyclist
blues dancer
rock climber
eagle scout
plant lover
slack liner

Keith Damiani


Keith spent his youth being amazed that he could make a computer do what he wanted it to do. Later, he studied public policy at Stanford University and urban design at the University of Virginia, ran a graphic design agency for a couple of decades, and helped raise three kids.

Today, he spends his days being amazed that he can make a computer do what he wants it to do. When he's not coding or flipping tables, Keith likes to ski, build houses, hang out in Italy, sleep occasionally, and enjoy a good martini.

Logan Henson


Logan was first drawn to the development field when accidentally taking a Computer Science class instead of a BCIS class in High School. Ever since then, he has been continuously striving toward excellence in the field and efficacy in his roles.

After a college stint for a degree in CS and a Math minor, he went on to try to raise the bar for East Texas development, both professionally and as a service to the community. He has helped many teams and individual developers connect and grow together through meetups and non-profit efforts.

When he isn’t knee-deep in development or community work, he can be found wrapped around his daughter's finger or cycling around the city.

👶  ☕  ️💻  🚲  💚

Marje Nitz

Operations and Content Manager

Marje's first career plan was chemical engineering, until she got to a quarter in college without any writing classes. She promptly changed her major to technical communications. Since then, she's split her career experience writing about software, engineering, and financial systems, and developing content structures for usable websites. Her favorite questions include “Who is the audience?” and “What do they need to know to be successful?”

When not wrangling content or her children, Marje spends time running around Saint Paul and Minneapolis, plays in the dirt when seasonally appropriate for vegetable gardening, and loves having friends over for dinner. She has been known to leak poetry and sometimes stays up too late dancing.

Samantha Geitz


When Samantha was in the final semester of her English Literature degree, she took a C++ class as an elective and realized that she actually wanted to be a programmer when she grew up. She went on to receive a master’s in Information Science from the University of Missouri; since then, she has alternated between freelance/agency work and helping early-stage startups build scalable systems.

Samantha is a proud — too proud, some would say — native of Chicago. Aside from writing code, her hobbies include getting angry about Game of Thrones, hanging out with her animal friends (two dogs and a cat), and avoiding social obligations in favor of going to bed at a reasonable hour.


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